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Oregon State University’s recent study highlights the role that CBGa and CBDa may play in blocking the COVID virus from invading a host.  It is important to note that the cannabinoids identified are the acidic compounds of CBDa and CBGa, not the more common CBD and CBG.  The products we have which preserve those compounds at high levels are our CBDa capsules and CBGa kief.  Raw flower does as well, but it must be ingested raw to preserve the acidic versions.

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Horn Creek Hemp is a sustainable and biodynamic family run farm.

We specialize in biodynamic CBD cultivars for air dried flower, extraction and herbal blends. Our organic farm is in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon on some of the richest soil in the state.

Whitney is our soil guardian and hemp whisperer. She endeavors to grow not just healthy plants but a robust soil biome through which hemp plants thrive. She nurtures the natural denizens of the dirt with organic composts, mulches and cover crops.

A healthy and diverse soil environment creates a vital, natural growth environment and outstanding organic CBD harvests.


Located just outside Jacksonville Oregon, Horn Creek flows from John’s Peak through what was once an ancient lake. The sandy loam of that lakebed is ideal for cultivation of organic, biodynamic CBD and raw hemp plants. Healthy soil and healthy ecosystems support healthy crops. Natural predatory insect populations ride herd on others that might harm our plants. We maintain untouched enclaves where good bugs can thrive and do their work by night.


We grow dense organic high CBD flowers from Oregon CBD genetics. We sell raw hemp products and biodynamic CBD flower for extraction and herbal remedies. We also make our own full spectrum CBD oil, CBD salves, pre-rolls, teas and tinctures. Our customer feedback motivates us to continue growing, creating and producing biodynamic CBD and raw hemp products for broad use. Our flower and each of our products contain high levels of CBD A, CBD G and CBC. Delta 9 THC levels are well below the legal limit of .3%

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