WhitneyHead Grower
Since she was young, Whitney has always had her fingers in the soil and an animal or two nearby. Her superpower is knowing what plants need as they grow. Whitney is passionate about biodynamic principles – viewing the farm as a living biome. She doesn’t feed the plants directly as much as she nourishes the living soil which in turn feeds the plants. She is fond of natural pest intervention, such as beetle banks to nurture predatory bugs. She loves herbal remedies and uses her Master Gardener’s and Cannabis Horticulture Certificate to grow her pantry. She can always be found with Mac the Jack Russell nearby.
TrippQuality Inspector
Tripp is in charge of QC and Morale. He can be found on his electric tractor, normally with a trailer full of tools. The plants stand straighter – we all stand straighter when he is around. Tripp has no bad days, and he gets to nap as often as he likes.
HaileyChief Field Operative
Hailey is our chief field operative. Her day job is coordinating trade shows and sales support for a consumer products co. Afterwards, Hailey tends to the flock. She is in charge of weeding. She is in charge of feeding the harvest crews. Most important, she is in charge of finding and destroying males. She is committed. And she is proficient. Hailey graduated from school not long ago and is in the hunt for her first house. She is followed everywhere by her Red Healer, Ruby.
PaulEngineering and Sales
Paul was frequently in trouble as a child. He is occasionally in trouble as an adult. Paul is in charge of Horn Creek engineering and sales which is an unusual combination. Paul enjoys building new machines to fix farm problems. Following careers at Apple and Cisco, Paul and Whitney moved back to Medford. Paul prefers walking the fields to wearing collared shirts. Pearl the Healer is his guardian and loyal protector.

Located just outside Jacksonville Oregon, Horn Creek flows from John’s Peak through what was once an ancient lake.

The sandy loam of that lakebed is ideal for cultivation of organic high CBD hemp plants. Healthy soil and healthy ecosystems support healthy crops. Natural predatory insect populations ride herd on others that might harm our plants. We maintain untouched enclaves where good bugs can thrive and do their work by night.



We grow dense organic high CBD flowers from Oregon CBD genetics. We sell raw CBD hemp flower for extraction and herbal remedies. We also make our own full spectrum CBD oil, CBD salves, pre-rolls, teas and tinctures. Our customer feedback motivates us to continue growing, creating and producing CBD products for broad use. Our flower and each of our products contain high levels of CBD A, CBD G and CBC. Delta 9 THC levels are well below the legal limit of .3%