Links to COA’s for all Horn Creek Hemp Products:

Air dried and cured flower

Air cured flower is dried conventionally on the stem for 5-12 days.  It is then cured for a minimum of 4 weeks.

CBG Pre roll

Hawaiian Haze Air Dry

Lifter Air Dry

Sour Space Candy Air

Special Sauce Air

Special Sauce + terpenes

Suver Haze Air

White CBG Air

HCH- Sugar Leaf

NW Cultivar COA

Bubba Kush OG

Legendary OG




Special Sauce Kief

Sour Space Candy Kief

Lifter Kief

Suver Haze Kief

CBG kief


CBD Products


Full Spectrum 10mg Gummies


Horn Creek Hemp Tincture  2,000

Winterized Crude Test1

Winterized Crude Test2


Quick Dried Flower

When the drying rooms are full, we use low-temp heaters to blow 90 F air through the bucked flowers.  QD flower has the same potency but loses some terpenes with the heat.  It is good for home extractions and salves.  It can be smoked but it will not have the same flavor as air dried.

CBG Quick Dry

Lifter Quick Dry

Special Sauce Quick Dry

Suver Haze Quick Dry

Sour Space Quick Dry


Pesticide and Heavy Metals

We test all fields for pesticides and heavy metals.  We also test flower for a more complete pesticide screen.

Soil Test – Pesticides and Metals 2019

Whole Field Pesticide Test