Is Horn Creek Flower Seedless?2020-06-29T21:05:33+00:00

Our flower is grown outdoors so we cannot guarantee no seeds.  This harvest saw no seeds in all cultivars with the exception of Special Sauce, where we had some pollination from a neighboring farm.  We have 6 QC checks to remove seeded material.

Material we get from other farms occasionally has seeding.  If we know material contains seeds, we randomly select 10 grams, grind it and count the seeds.  We will post those numbers on each relevant product page

Are COAs, pesticide tests and heavy metals tests available?2020-04-30T16:42:18+00:00

We provide all of these.  COAs are included on each product details page among the images.

Pesticide and heavy metal tests are performed on the entire fields. Pesticide tests are here CANNABISPIC_Pesticides.

We soil test every field for pesticides and heavy metals.  See page 7 of the soils test HCH soil tests 2019

A comprehensive list of Horn Creek COAs can be found here: https://www.horncreekhemp.com/coas-all-products/

How is air dried flower processed?2019-01-28T21:09:57+00:00

Premium colas are clipped from plants and hung in a climate controlled dry room for 5-7 days. When finished, whole stems are placed in totes or sacks and regularly turned while curing for another week. Once cured, flowers are cut from the stem and processed to order.

How is kiln dried flower processed?2019-01-07T15:31:35+00:00

Whole colas are removed from the stem and placed in a forced air kiln at temperatures of no more than 95 Fahrenheit. After 24 hours, moisture content is tested to confirm < 10% content. Material is then placed in climate controlled storage for sale. This material contains the same CBD content as air dried, but the terpene profile is compromised when heated during drying.

What is machine trim finish?2019-01-07T15:33:08+00:00

Air dried flower is bucked from the stem and run through three twister machines. There will be some remaining sugar leaf and crow’s feet.

What is hand finish trim?2020-03-17T21:04:10+00:00

Air dried flower is bucked from the stem and run through three twister machines. There will be some remaining sugar leaf and crow’s feet.

Hand finish is available upon request.  We will hand trim machine-finished flower to tighten sugar leaf trim and remove all crows feet.  Hand finishing is an additional $100 per pound.

What is untrimmed finish?2019-01-07T15:34:50+00:00

Air dried flower is bucked from the stem. Includes remaining fan leaves. This material is best used for salves, teas or poultices where the full terpene profile is desired.

How do I use the pain rub?2019-01-07T15:35:13+00:00

Try a small amount on your wrist to test sensitivity. Once that is done, apply a generous portion to the affected area. To enhance penetration, try heating the area first with a warm wash cloth.

What is in the pain rub?2019-01-07T15:35:37+00:00

Coconut oil, CBD Hemp Flower Extract, Zheng Gu Shui, Arnica, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Cayenne, Camphor, Turmeric, Lavender, Lemon Balm.

How do I prepare the teas?2019-01-07T15:35:58+00:00

Shake the ingredients well as some settling will occur. Place two teaspoons in a tea diffuser. Add 4 ounces hot water, four ounces warm milk and steep for five minutes. Sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or your favorite alternative.

What is in the sleep tea?2019-01-07T15:36:28+00:00

CBD Hemp Flower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Milky Oat Tops, Skull Cap, Valerian Root, California Poppy, Masala Chai, Cinnamon.

How will my order be packaged?2020-07-25T00:18:18+00:00

Your order will ship in packaging designed to mitigate odor.  We will vacuum seal product in a 6 mil pouch, with a second sealed 3 mil bag around the entire assortment.  Orders are shipped with documentation including; Hemp Growers License, Pre-harvest compliance test results, Notice to Law Enforcement and COA. The Notice to Law Enforcement refers any authorities to the federal and state code under which high CBD hemp is cultivated, sold and transported.  UPS packages also include a note to UPS employees identifying the material as industrial hemp.

For international shipments, please use the contact us form or contact us by phone. We will need the destination address, country and THC limits for that country.


See our Shipping policy page: https://www.horncreekhemp.com/shipping-policy/

Is HCH Hemp Organic?2020-03-17T21:10:12+00:00

We only use organic nutrients on our hemp flower, however our fields have not been certified organic.  We are applying for organic certification to be in place by June

What does it mean to be biodynamic?2019-01-07T15:38:00+00:00

In an oversimplified summary, it means to view the farm as an integrated, whole living organism. Fields, plants, animals and soils are alive and work in harmony to nurture what thrives there. Specifically, no single element exists in isolation. Everything we do must take into account how it impacts the whole environment

How can I pay for my order?2019-05-23T19:52:03+00:00

We accept credit cards, Square, Venmo and EFT

Can I visit the farm?2020-05-02T00:55:17+00:00

We welcome visits from anyone wishing to see how we operate our hemp farm.  Please schedule your visit with customercare@horncreekhemp.com

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