CBG - Outdoor Untrimmed

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New in 2020 with limited quantities available!

Medium to large dense fragrant flower. Purple and green nugs with delicate nose.

This high CBG hemp flower, is sold air dried and untrimmed. The sugar leaves are still intact in an effort to preserve the delicate CBG that is present in the trichomes. We recommend using as is to maintain the highest level of CBG. If you are going to trim flower, we recommend select hand-trimming only.

Introducing, the Mother of all cannabinoids, Cannabigerol! 13.7%-15.5% total CBG-A + CBG. Delta 9 <.LOQ.

This strain is sought after for its high levels of CBG, and is naturally low in THC and THCA. This CBD precursor powerhouse works naturally with our bodies endocannabinoid system and holds a lot of medical promise.

To learn more about the medical promise of CBG click here https://www.cannainsider.com/reviews/what-is-cbg/

Our high CBD hemp flower is sought after for boutique flower. We hang dry in greenhouses allowing the hemp to cure naturally. Average drying time is 7 days, resulting in intact terpene profile and preserved trichomes.

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