Hemp Flower Sampler Pack - (4) 1oz each, Four Cultivars

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Try this popular assortment of Special Sauce, Lifter, Suver Haze, and Sour Space Candy hemp flower.

4 oz total, (4) 1 ounce packages of machine trimmed hemp flower. Choose from the following product options: Air dried, kiln dried, Smalls, and Kiln dried Smalls.

Testing 15-20% total CBD with Delta Nine

Our air-dried flower is the most sought after, but the Smalls and kiln-dried preform very well due to the quality you get for the price.

We hang dry in our green house for an average of 7 days. Best Boutique flower, with rich terpene profile.

The slow-dried or ‘kiln dried’ material is cured between 85-90 F which preserves both the color and terpene nose.

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