Special Sauce Hemp Flower (lb)

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Aroma: The nose gives off a special mix of berries, vanilla and gas.

Bud Structure: Oregon CBD's flagship line and our perennial favorite. Special Sauce is known for high CBD and resin content. The hemp flower is ideal for personal use and has good extraction yield returns.Small to medium dense frosty buds with high CBD potency.

Feelings: Mellowing, sleep aid, relaxing, and a nice overall calming experience

Cannabinoid Profile:Total 15.9% CBD | 0.87% THC| < LOQ Delta 9| 0.33 % CBGA

% total terpenes | Top three in order of dominance (pending)

Click for link to COA and Terpenes.

Manicure: Premium high CBD boutique hemp flower is sought after for premium boutique flower. We hang dry in greenhouses allowing the hemp to cure naturally. Average drying time is 7-14 days, resulting in intact terpene profile and preserved trichomes. Next the hemp flower is bucked from the stem by hand, machine trimmed three times, and A and B buds are separated from Smalls and the remaining sugar leaf is collected for extraction

Shipping and Handling: We hand-select and screen all hemp orders before shipping to ensure the best quality. Hemp orders over #1 ship in bulk bags, or you can upgrade to 1 pound bags for an additional fee. All single pound orders ship in a 1 pound bag by default, no need to upgrade.

*Please note: Large hand trimmed may take longer to fulfill based on current inventory levels. It’s the buyer's responsibility to know your state's regulations for hemp and CBD products. Questions? 2014 Farm Bill Complaint. Call 877-541-4367 or email sales@horncreekhemp.com.

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