Suver Haze Hemp Flower- Quick Dried Smalls

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Quick Dried Smalls or Popcorn buds, are what remain after we screen our A bud material.

Perfect for pre-rolls or extracting.

Bred from Suver #8 and ERB, this high CBD flower has deep green buds with abundant red highlights. Fruity sour apple flavor with a fruity pine nose and is sot after for its high resin content.

19% Total CBD = CBDA. Delta 9

Our kiln dried cultivars are quick dried with high air flow in our modified hop dryers. Buds are dried over 24 hours between 85- 90F. The result is a CBD-rich material with large flower and an intact nose. The lower heat preserves the natural color of the hemp flower and the total CBD. This option is ideal for a more affordable hemp flower option or for extractions.

Flower is put through a bud sorter which collects Smalls and removes excess sugar leaf.

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