Whole Hemp Flower Kief (Wholesale) 2019

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Solvent-less premium CBD & CBG Kief collected during processing of whole hemp flower.

Total CBD is 22.8% and total estimated post decarb at 20.1%

  • 100% Natural & Organically Grown
  • Oregon CBD Genetics
  • Great for Smoking, Vaping & Dabs
  • Can Be Pressed Into Hash & Roisin
  • Ideal For Edibles- Cleaner & Lighter Flavor Profile & Concentrated. Depending On The Desired Effect, Many Recipes Swap 1 Gram Of Kief VS 7 Grams Of Flower.

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1 Ounce$137.50$4.91/g
1/2 Pounds$650$2.86/g
1 Pound$1200$2.65/g

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