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Inventories are limited to stock on hand and subject to change without notice.

If you wish to secure flower directly, please contact us at 877-541-HEMP or sales@horncreekhemp.com.

Wholesale prices are available for bulk orders.  Minimum purchase is one pound.  Prices decrease for purchases of 11-99 lbs and 100 lbs.  Multiple strains can be combined to achieve volume pricing.

To start, create an account.

  • Go to the bottom of the home page.  Click ‘Sign In’.
  • When the popup appears, click ‘Create new account’
  • Register with a username and password.

After that

  • Send an email to sales@horncreekhemp requesting access to wholesale prices.
  • We will send you an acknowledgement once we have provided access.
  • When you next sign in, you will see a new button above the retail product list
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The sandy loam of that lakebed is ideal for cultivation of organic high CBD hemp plants. Healthy soil and healthy ecosystems support healthy crops. Natural predatory insect populations ride herd on others that might harm our plants. We maintain untouched enclaves where good bugs can thrive and do their work by night.

All of our raw hemp flower is grown on our farm outside Jacksonville Oregon.  We welcome wholesale clients to visit the farm.  You will see how we grow, harvest, dry and trim our high CBD hemp.  We also invite you to visit our inspected food facility where we package and ship all orders.  We want to be as transparent with our operation as possible so our customers are confident that our Oregon grown hemp will be top quality and consistent.


We grow dense organic high CBD flowers from Oregon CBD genetics. We sell raw CBD hemp flower for extraction and herbal remedies. We also make our own full spectrum CBD oil, CBD salves, pre-rolls, teas and tinctures. Our customer feedback motivates us to continue growing, creating and producing CBD products for broad use. Our flower and each of our products contain high levels of CBD A, CBD G and CBC. Delta 9 THC levels are well below the legal limit of .3%